Kanji Forex - Since 1935...

Kanji Pitamber, more popularly known as Kanji Forex, is one of the leading institutional brokers in the Indian Foreign Exchange markets. With a humble beginning in 1935, Kanji Forex was set-up as a small FX outfit and today is a well-known name recognized for its broking history spanning several decades of confidence and goodwill. Why? Because we deliver value. As Foreign Exchange Inter-Bank Brokers, we have a distinct mandate to offer dynamic Forex Services with maximum economic sense. We offer our clients absolute transparency - the best armour needed in the fast and hectic paced interbank FX markets. When it comes to Money Changing for private/corporate clients, the ability to achieve significantly better foreign currency exchange rates and exceptional services gives us a distinct advantage. This is achieved because of our in-depth knowledge of the wholesale FX markets and adherence to a spread of a maximum of one percent on the interbank rates.

The convenience of home/office delivery is a special bonus for our clients. No wonder then, we are the proud recipients of awards from Amex and Axis.

Along with Forex, we also deliver trust and integrity.