Kanji Forex

We are India’s leading Brokers and operate as an intermediary in the wholesale foreign exchange markets facilitating the trading activities of its Client-Banks. The foreign exchange market is the largest in the world with an average daily turnover of US $5 trillion. Daily average turnover in the Indian foreign exchange markets stand at US$ 27 billion (as per BIS survey of 2010). Clients that are either managing risk or speculating in this vast market can access various FX products through us including:

Spot Fx

We have grown with the market to manage increased levels of forex broking, providing full execution OTC brokerage services to wholesale clients by maintaining transparency and agility - the best armour needed in the fast and hectic paced wholesale FX markets.

Our experience in Institutional Broking spans over generations, having started business in 1935. Through the generations, it has continued to be ahead of the curve by pioneering into unchartered territories and investing in skilled manpower and technology. Kanji Forex was the first broker in India to offer Fx Options Services to its savvy clients-banks with global footprints as well as large Indian private sector banks.

We are a premier supplier of real-time and historical fx spot and volatility data. Our market data is used by finance professionals and institutions for analysis, risk management, valuation and research. It is available via direct data feed on subscription basis and through global information vendors such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters etc. Other clients include Ticker Plant, Cogenics, TradAir etc.